Blue LED Interpretation

If your Monitor is experiencing network connectivity issues, check the blue LED on the top of the Monitor. This LED is the primary way the Monitor communicates its network status. 

Single-blink blue LED: There are two types of single-blink blue LED patterns.

  • A single blink once per second: This indicates that the Monitor is in access point mode. This is the default state of the Monitor out of the box and indicates that the Monitor has not been set up yet. In this state, the Monitor is ready to connect to a smart device such as a smartphone or tablet and begin the setup and installation process. This is also the state the Monitor will return to if you perform a 5-button reset to put the Monitor in pairing mode. For more information about the 5-button reset, please consult this article.  
  • A single blink once every four seconds: this indicates that the Monitor is connected to the internet and working correctly.

Double-blink blue LED: There are two types of double-blinking blue LED patterns. This indicates that the Monitor is trying to connect to a wireless network but it either cannot find a connection or the Wi-Fi connection has no service or is otherwise disconnected. If this double-blinking pattern persists and you have verified that you have an active wireless connection, perform a five button reset of your Monitor. In this situation, it is also possible that you have entered your Wi-Fi network password incorrectly. 

Triple-blink blue LED: This indicates that the Monitor is trying to connect with StreamLabs' servers via the internet but is having difficulty. Perform a Wi-Fi Reset by following the steps in this article. 


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    Oscar Toro

    My system is getting the "triple blue led" right after wifi configuration. I've attempted the wifi reset procedure 3 times but always get back to this state after trying to connect to my wifi. The signal strength shows full when selecting my network and I can see my DHCP server providing the streamlabs monitor's MAC address with a good IP address. I even made it a static IP address in case that would help. Is there some port I should be opening up on my network or some other procedure I should try to get past this point? I've got a pretty good WiFi set up at home with plenty of other smart devices.

    Very Respectfully,


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    Rachel S

    Hi Oscar,


    The following ports need to be open for your StreamLabs device to connect properly:

    MQTT on port 8883
    HTTP on port 443 and 80
    DNS on port 53
    NTP on port 123



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