Cannot connect to the Monitor.

During the setup process, I am unable to connect to the Monitor's Wi-Fi.


This is likely due to your StreamLabs Monitor not being in Wi-Fi pairing mode. Begin by power cycling your Monitor After reboot, take note of the blue LED on the top of the unit. If the blue LED is blinking steadily once every second, your Monitor is now in pairing mode.

If the blue LED is not blinking steadily, locate the button on the side of your Monitor. Press the button 5 times quickly. The blue LED should go solid for a moment, and then proceed to the single blinking pattern.

When connecting to the Monitor through a smart device's Wi-Fi, some smart devices may sense that the Monitor does not have an active connection and immediately re-connect to an active network (such as your home wireless network). Android devices are known to exhibit this behavior - for more information, please click here. Verify that your phone is connecting to the Monitor and not your wireless network.

  • A common error message in this situation is "Error: Cannot connect to Monitor. Try again?" If you receive this error, you will need to manually reconnect to the Monitor in your smart device's network settings before trying again.


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