How to perform a Wi-Fi reset

If your Monitor is having trouble connecting to your wireless network, it may be beneficial to perform a Wi-Fi Reset. This process will attempt to reconnect your Monitor to your Wi-Fi access point.

Perform a WiFi reset (see below for detailed instructions) on the Monitor by re-initiating the WiFi pairing process. PLEASE NOTE: you will need to have physical access to your Monitor in order to perform this operation.

Once you are next to your Monitor, from the Monitor screen in the StreamLabs App open  Settings –> Monitor –> wi-fi –> update network and follow the step-by-step instructions to reset and re-connect your Monitor to your WiFi access point.

WiFi reset: Locate the button on the side of your StreamLabs Monitor and press it 5 times quickly. The blue LED should go solid for a moment, and then should proceed to the single blinking pattern (single blink every second).


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    Oscar Toro

    My system is getting the "triple blue led" right after wifi configuration. I've attempted the wifi reset procedure 3 times but always get back to this state after trying to connect to my wifi. The signal strength shows full when selecting my network and I can see my DHCP server providing the streamlabs monitor's MAC address with a good IP address. I even made it a static IP address in case that would help. Is there some port I should be opening up on my network or some other procedure I should try to get past this point? I've got a pretty good WiFi set up at home with plenty of other smart devices.

    Very Respectfully,


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    Rachel S

    Hi Oscar,


    The following ports need to be open for your StreamLabs device to connect properly:

    MQTT on port 8883
    HTTP on port 443 and 80
    DNS on port 53
    NTP on port 123



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