My Monitor indicates it is offline - what do I do?

The StreamLabs App indicates that my Monitor is offline.


Work through the steps below:

1. Check to ensure your device has power (the LEDs on the top of the device will be lit).

2. If you have recently changed your home WiFi password, proceed to step 7.

3. Confirm that other devices in your home have internet access. Your router or modem may have lost power or your Internet Service Provider may be experiencing issues. You can also check the signal strength of your wireless network at the installation location.

4. Observe the blue LED.


Single-blink blue LED: There are two types of single-blink blue LED patterns.

  • A single blink once per second: This indicates that the Monitor is in access point mode. This is the default state of the Monitor out of the box and indicates that the Monitor has not been set up yet. In this state, the Monitor is ready to connect to a smart device such as a smartphone or tablet and begin the setup and installation process. 
  • A single blink once every four seconds: this indicates that the Monitor is connected to the internet and working correctly.

Double-blink blue LED: There are two types of double-blinking blue LED patterns. This indicates that the Monitor is trying to connect to a wireless network but it either cannot find a connection or the Wi-Fi connection has no service or is otherwise unconnected. If this double-blinking pattern persists and you have verified that you have an active wireless connection, perform a five button reset of your Monitor. In this situation, it is also possible that you have entered your Wi-Fi network password incorrectly. 

Triple-blink blue LED: This indicates that the Monitor is trying to connect with StreamLabs' servers via the internet but is having difficulty. This is a StreamLabs issue and not a user issue. The suggested fix for this situation is to reboot your Monitor and try again. 

5. Power cycle (unplug and re-plug) your Monitor and wait about 10 seconds for the Monitor to completely reboot.

6. Power cycle your home access point/router (unplug power for 30 seconds, then plug in again). Wait until your access point is completely rebooted to continue.

7. Perform a WiFi reset (see below for detailed instructions or click here) on the Monitor by re-initiating the WiFi pairing process. PLEASE NOTE: you will need to have physical access to your Monitor in order to perform this operation. Once you are next to your Monitor, from the Monitor screen in the StreamLabs App open  Settings –> Monitor –> wi-fi –> update network and follow the step-by-step instructions to reset and re-connect your Monitor to your WiFi access point.

WiFi reset: Locate the button on the side of your StreamLabs Monitor and press the button 5 times quickly. The blue LED should go solid for a moment, and then should proceed to the single blinking pattern (single blink every second).

8. If your Monitor is still triple-blinking after performing above steps, please contact us at


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