Room Temperature Alerts - Monitor

This is the temperature of the air around your Monitor. Room temperature can vary based on factors such as location, season, and type of home. Please note that if the air gets too cold, it could cause your pipes to freeze and possibly burst. We want to let you know when the air temperature around your Monitor gets cold enough that it could affect your plumbing system.

Below are the customizable alert settings for room temperature alerts.

Too Low:

  • 50 °F – Properly Functioning Heat source should keep temperatures above
  • 45 °F – Pipes on Exterior walls could be close to freezing
  • 40 °F – Consider insulating pipes at this temp. (Recommended)
  • 35 °F – Serious risk of freezing pipes. Turn water to a drip.
  • disabled – Not recommended.

Please note that dramatic air temperature fluctuations are not recommended for the Monitor's installation location. 


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