I know there is water flowing, but the Monitor shows zero flow.

After setup, the Monitor is showing no live flow even though I know there is water running.


Note: This article assumes the following:

  • You have already properly completed the Monitor calibration process.
  • There is no active leak in your home. Note: There is a possibility you have a leak in a section of your home you have no access to (the majority of leaks occur behind the wall). We recommend turning off all water and checking the information below if you are unsure. If you complete this process and still see a leak, we recommend calling a licensed plumbing to come check your home for a leak. 

Branches: You will not see flow from lines such as outdoor hoses, irrigation systems, or even water heaters if your Monitor is installed after these branches. Consider removing and remounting your Monitor before all branches to get a complete view of your water usage.

App Threshold: Your StreamLabs App is able to show live flow above 0.5 gpm (gallons per minute). If your flow is lower than the mobile app’s threshold, you will not see any live flow.

Recalibration: The Monitor may need to be calibrated to relearn its flow direction. During this calibration, be sure that absolutely no water is running in or to the house. You can recalibrate your Monitor via the settings icon and clicking “info & tools”. You should see the “re-calibrate monitor” option, which will lead you through the calibration process. Note: You may do this step remotely, but you must ensure that no water is running.


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