Control Blue LED Interpretation

The Blue LED is located in the middle of the top of the Control and is in the shape of the StreamLabs logo.


The Blue LED has several blinking patterns to communicate different Control states. 

Blue single-blinking LED: There is air inside the pipe or the length of pipe inside the Control that is interfering with pipe calibration. To solve this, open the Control valve and flush water through the system (flush a toilet or run a faucet). 

Blue double-blinking LED: This pattern indicates that the Control can sense the water in the pipe and that it is ready to proceed to the calibration process.

Blue rapid-blinking LED: The Control is currently performing the calibration process.

Blue triple-blinking LED: The Control is waiting for water flow confirmation in order to complete calibration. To proceed past this step, open the Control valve and run water when prompted in the Streamlabs app. 

Solid blue LED: The Control is calibrated and water is not actively flowing through the pipe.

Fading in/out blue LED: The Control is calibrated and water is currently flowing through the pipe. 

One second on, one second off Blue LED: There is a hardware or electronics error (ex: the valve can't open/close all the way). Please contact support if you receive this error. 


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