Control Wi-Fi LED Interpretation

The Wi-Fi LED is located on the right side of the top of the Control, shown below.


This LED can be either Amber or Green and can display several different blinking patterns to communicate different Control states. See below for a guide on how to interpret the Wi-Fi LED.

Amber, single-blinking pattern: This state indicates that the Control is in pairing mode and is waiting for a smartphone or tablet to connect to it during the Wi-Fi setup process. 

Amber, solid: A smartphone or tablet is currently connected to the Control. The Control will play a short beeping tune when this connection is successfully established.  

Green, double-blinking pattern: The Control is attempting to pair to the Wi-Fi network with the password that was given to it. 

Green, triple-blinking pattern: The Control has connected to the Wi-Fi network and is now attempting to reach the Streamlabs servers.

Green, single-blink once every 3-4 seconds: The Control has established a connection to the Streamlabs servers via Wi-Fi and is now online. 


If there is an error at any point during the connection or Wi-Fi setup process, the Wi-Fi LED will revert to Amber and the error message will be displayed on the screen in the Streamlabs App.


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