Power and Battery for the Scout

How do I power up the Scout?

  • The StreamLabs Scout includes a CR123 battery, installed at purchase
  • To power up the Scout, simply pull and remove the clear battery insulation tab.
  • The Blue LED will blink indicating that the unit is powered on.

What kind of battery does the Scout use?

  • StreamLabs Scout uses a single CR123A battery, available online and at most grocery, convenience, and hardware stores.

How can I replace the Scout battery?

  • Replacing the Scout battery is very simple.
  • To access the battery, remove the front cover using a coin (preferred - a quarter works very well) or a flathead screwdriver to separate the two halves of the plastic housing to expose the battery.
  • Remove the old battery, install the new one, and carefully close by snapping the two halves of the Scout housing back together.

How can I tell when the battery needs to be replaced?

  • The Scout shows its current battery level in StreamLabs App.
  • 3 bars – New battery
  • 2 bars – several months remaining
  • 1 bar – replace battery soon
  • The Scout will send a “low battery signal” to the App when it has reached 1 bar to notify you that it is time to replace the battery.

Can I plug the Scout in instead of using a battery?

  • Yes, you can use the optional power supply to plug the Scout in to a standard outlet.  You can also use the optional Scout 10’ DC extension cable to extend the power supply to locations a little further from an outlet. 
  • Both items are available for purchase at www.streamlabswater.com, or by contacting support@streamlabswater.com.

Can I use the power supply and a battery at the same time?

  • Yes, you can use the power supply and a battery at the same time.
  • When the power supply and battery are used together, the battery acts as a backup in case of a power outage.


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