Wi-Fi Pairing & LED Patterns

How do I pair to Wi-Fi, and shat do the different blue LED blink patterns mean?

  • When you first power on the Scout, it will immediately enter pairing mode if it is not currently paired to Wi-Fi.  The StreamLabs App will guide you through Wi-Fi pairing, however the LED blink patterns can provide additional information when troubleshooting an issue.
  • Pairing Mode:  Single blink about once per second
  • Connecting to Wi-Fi:  Double blink about once per second
  • Connecting to StreamLabs Server:  Triple blink one time as it connects, then turns off.
  • Active/Monitoring:  LED is Off.

How do I add a StreamLabs Scout to my existing Control or Monitor?

  • Open the StreamLabs app and select the location that you want to add the Scout to.
  • NOTE: The Scout MUST be added to the same location as your Control in order to automatically cause the Control to shut off
  • If the Scout is not paired within three minutes, it will go to sleep and the LED will turn off.  

How can I wake the Scout or confirm that it is still paired?

  • You can wake up the Scout by pressing the "connect" button.  This will cause the Scout to blink once, connect to Wi-Fi, report current temperature and humidity measurements, then go back to sleep.

How do I reset Wi-Fi reset on the Scout (e.g. changed Wi-Fi network or password?

  • Locate the “Connect” button on the front of your StreamLabs Scout and press it 5 times in a row quickly (within a few seconds).
  • The Scout will play a short 5-note jingle if the button press sequence was accepted.  If you do not hear the jingle, attempt the 5-button press again
  • Once the jingle sounds, the LED will be solid for a few seconds and then begin single-blinking once per second as described in blink patterns.

Why does the blue LED turn off after pairing the Scout with StreamLabs App?

  • When you have successfully paired the Scout with the StreamLabs App, the LED will be OFF and Scout will go to sleep to conserve battery power.  The Scout automatically wakes up when a leak is detected, and at regular 1-hour check-in intervals.
  • The Scout can also be forced to wake up by pressing the "connect" button.  This will cause the Blue LED to flash once, and the Scout will report current temperature and humidity values.
  • Unlike the Monitor and Control which blink during normal operation, the Scout LED only blinks during initial pairing to Wi-Fi, and does not blink during normal operation.  This conserves battery power, and extends the life of your battery.


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