How do I install the Monitor?

Once you have properly identified a suitable installation location for your Monitor, follow the steps below to attach the Monitor to the pipe correctly.


1. Loosely attach two of the included zip-ties to the pipe, as shown below. Do not tighten the zip-ties yet. 


2. Place the Monitor on the pipe so that you can see the top of the Monitor easily. There are two LED lights on the top of the Monitor that need to be visible so that the Monitor can communicate its status to you during the setup. Once you've placed the Monitor on the pipe, do not twist, slide, or turn the Monitor. If you wish to re-orient the Monitor, remove the Monitor completely from the pipe and then place it in the desired orientation.


3. Hold the Monitor in place with one hand and tighten a zip-tie around one of the zip-tie channels with the other hand by pulling on the end of the zip-tie, as shown below. By tightening the zip-tie over the zip-tie channels, you are securing the Monitor to the pipe. 


4. Repeat step #3 with the other zip-tie. Once the Monitor is secured, tighten each zip-tie so that the Monitor is snug against the pipe. Do not attempt to twist or slide the Monitor once it has been zip-tied to the pipe. This can cause damage to the sensor pads. If you damage the sensor pads during this process, click here to read how to replace the pads. 


5. You can now plug the Monitor into the wall and continue the setup process. 


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    Leslie Short

    I would get rid of the ties and use something a little more robust.

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