How do I replace the contact pads on the bottom of the Monitor?

If your Monitor's sensor pads have been damaged or adjusted during the installation process, it may be necessary for the pads to be replaced. A set of replacement pads can be found in the box. Please see below for a step-by-step guide on how to replace the pads. 

Assessing Damaged Pads

The two images below are examples of what damaged sensor pads look like. 


Any pad (the two black rubber ovals) that is not flat against the surface of the Monitor needs to be replaced. The two pictures above show damaged pads. The picture below shows healthy pads. 


Replacing Damaged Sensor Pads

If you have determined that one or both of your sensor pads are damaged, follow the steps below to replace the sensor pads. 

1. Locate the extra sensor pad in your Streamlabs Monitor box. Below is a picture of what the sensor pad looks like. 


2. Peel the damaged sensor pad sticker off of the Monitor. Even if just one of the black rubber pads is damaged, you need to remove the entire sticker. 


The picture below shows what the entire sensor pad sticker looks like as it is coming off. You will peel up the black rubber pads, the clear adhesive, and the tan paper. 



Your Monitor's sensor should look like it does below. The sensor area should be clear of any adhesive and smooth. 



3. Line up the new sensor pads with the edge of the sensor. You will want the new sensor pads to sit in the middle of the sensor block, as seen in the second picture below. 


4. Ensure that the sensor pad is securely attached to the Monitor by pressing gently on the sticker. 


5. To prevent future damage to the sensor pads, avoid twisting, turning, or adjusting the Monitor while it is attached to the pipe. If you wish to make adjustments to the Monitor's location or orientation on the pipe, cut off the zip-ties, remove the Monitor from the pipe, and then place it back on the pipe in the desired position. 


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