Where should I install the Monitor?

The main water entry line may be located in a basement, utility closet, garage, or crawlspace based on which type of dwelling it is (a house, townhome or apartment). The main water entry line should have a shutoff valve used to stop the water supply to the home. The main water entry line is typically near the water heater. It is the line that splits into the hot water heater and the cold water for the building. The Monitor is compatible with 3/4" and 1.0" pipes made of Copper-M, Copper-L, CPVC, or PEX.


Install the Monitor on the main water line, before any branches to other appliances. Installing on a pipe other than the main line will not allow you to see total water usage in your home.

Locate a section of pipe that is near the valve and has at least five inches of straight, continuous, uninterrupted pipe.  Do not install the Monitor on top of a pipe joint or coupling - it must be a straight segment of uninterrupted pipe. Ensure that your Monitor is installed directly and securely on the pipe. The Monitor may be installed vertically or horizontally as long as it is securely fastened to the pipe using the included zip-ties. 


Please Note: Consider checking your Wi-Fi signal strength at this location before mounting the Monitor. Try opening a browser page on your phone from this location to ensure you receive a signal. The chosen install location must also be in range of a standard wall outlet. The included power supply can reach an outlet a linear distance of 10 feet away from the install spot. 


For more information about the StreamLabs Monitor, please visit our website at www.streamlabswater.com


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