What do the different green LED blink patterns mean?

The Green LED light is the primary way that the Monitor communicates its calibration state.

Single-blink Green LED: This blinking pattern indicates the Monitor is plugged in and waiting to be put onto the pipe to identify the pipe type. The LED should be blinking once every 2-3 seconds for this pattern.

Double-blink Green LED: This pattern indicates the Monitor has sensed and identified the pipe type and the calibration process is about to start.

Continuously-blinking Green LED: This indicates that the Monitor is currently calibrating.

Triple-blink Green LED: The calibration process is complete. The Monitor is waiting to determine the direction of the water flow in the pipe. To advance past this state, run a faucet or flush a toilet so that water flows through the pipe.

Solid Green LED: The Monitor is calibrated and ready for normal use.


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