Humidity Alerts

Increased humidity may mean you have standing water or a leak, but more commonly is caused by other environmental conditions. For example, there could be seepage of water through masonry walls into a basement on a rainy day.  Ideal RH in a home is typically considered to be between 30% and 50%.  For interior spaces (garages, basements, attics), air temperature that remains above 65 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity above 60% can create an environment for mold growth. 

Crawl spaces may see higher humidity levels than indoor spaces, but still should not remain at high levels due to risk of mold.  If your Control is installed in a non-air conditioned space (like a crawl space), you may opt to disable the Humidity Alerts through Settings in the StreamLabs App, but this is not recommended as continued high humidity may indicate other issues with your home that need to be addressed.

Below are the customizable settings for Humidity Alerts.

Too High:

  • 50% – The EPA recommended ideal range is 30% to 50%.
  • 60% – Threshold at which mold and mildew may begin to form. (Recommended)
  • 70% – Inadequate ventilation or water leakage.
  • 90% – Nearing condensation threshold.
  • Disabled – Not recommended.


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