Help me power cycle (restart) my Control

Power cycling (or simply, restarting) is helpful when you run into issues with your Control and you are unsure of the root cause. We recommend trying this as the first step if you run into any new issues, as long as the Control is easily accessible. In order to power cycle your Control, you simply need to locate the power supply for your Control. The power supply runs from your home power outlet into the side of your Control. 

Remove the power by either disconnecting the supply at the Control or at the power outlet. You should wait a period of at least 10 seconds before reconnecting power.

When the Control is properly power cycled and rebooted, the LEDs on the top of the Control should light up.


Manual Override

If the Control loses power and you need to operate the valve, you can do this via a manual override. 

  1. Lift the rubberized flap on the Control next to the power input port to reveal the manual override port. 
  2. Insert a 9 volt battery into the port and hold it firmly against the back of the port. The orientation of the battery is important - the negative terminal must be on the left with respect to the top of the Control (the side of the unit with the "OPEN" and "CLOSE" buttons). 
  3. When the battery is inserted properly and held firmly in the manual override port, the Control will power on and the lights on the top of the unit will light up.
  4. You can now open or close the Control valve using the buttons on top of the Control




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