I know there is no water flowing, but the Control shows flow.

After setup, the Control is indicating flow even though I know there is no water running.


Note: This article assumes that you have confirmed there is no active leak in your home.

Recalibration: The Control may need to be calibrated to relearn where its zero point is. You can recalibrate your Control via the settings icon (the gear in the upper right hand corner), and clicking “info & tools”. You should see the “re-calibrate” option, which will lead you through the calibration process. Note: The Control will close the valve momentarily during this calibration process. 

Installation Orientation: Ensure that the Control is installed in the proper orientation with respect to flow. The direction of water flow should match the arrow on the bottom of the Control. For more information on installation orientation and direction, please click here




If none of the above steps fix the issue, try closing the Control valve to stop all water flow. If the StreamLabs App still displays flow, there is a calibration issue. However, if the flow stops showing when the valve is closed and resumes when the valve is open, you may have a leak or some other unknown use of water occurring downstream of the Control. 


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