Water Temperature Alerts

If you get water temperature alerts or notifications when you run water, there may be an issue with your heating or cooling systems, or they could be off in hot or cold temperatures. For example, if your water temperature is too low, it could mean that you do not currently have the heating on in the home and the cold weather outside is directly impacting your pipes. In this scenario, you should also receive an ambient temperature (potential pipe freeze) warning. When water in your pipes freeze, there is a significant risk of your pipes bursting. A burst pipe could mean major water damage and high water bills.

Hot water could negatively impact the usage of some appliances. However, a lot of appliances have built-in anti-scalding devices to help prevent this. 

There is a slight possibility that the water coming from the street is coming in too hot or too cold but these are rare situations. 

See below for the types of water temperature alerts you may receive and what they mean.

Too High:

  • 90 °F – Hot summer day.
  • 95 °F – Legionella bacteria thrives from 95 °F to 115 °F. 
  • 100 °F – Maximum temperature that is safe for bathing. (Recommended)
  • 115 °F – Pain threshold.
  • Disabled – Not recommended.

Too Low:

  • 50 °F – Water heater may take a little longer to heat water.
  • 45 °F – Water Heater Recovery Time will be extended
  • 40 °F – Consider insulating pipes at this temp. (Recommended)
  • 35 °F – Serious risk of freezing pipes. Turn water to a drip.
  • disabled – Not recommended.


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