Data Security FAQ

How does StreamLabs measure my water usage?
The StreamLabs Smart Home Water Monitor is the world's first consumer-facing, non-invasive, whole-home water meter monitoring system. Using ultrasound technology, the Monitor can determine the flow of water duration and intensity inside of a compatible pipe. Similarly, the StreamLabs Control also utilizes ultrasound technology to determine flow rate and help detect leaks, and provides an automatic shut-off valve.  Both devices report this information to our cloud service via Wi-Fi. 

How and where is my water usage data stored?
All water usage data is stored on StreamLabs' secure cloud servers hosted by Amazon Web Services. Data is encrypted and sent directly to the cloud from the Monitor/Control via Wi-Fi, and then securely accessed and viewed directly on the users' phone(s) or tablet(s) from the cloud when the StreamLabs app is opened or refreshed via the internet.

How long do you keep my data?
StreamLabs stores user data for a maximum of two years. This provides sufficient user data for the app to perform its historic comparison statistics for the most current year and the year immediately previous.

Can I access my water usage data outside of my StreamLabs App?
All of the water usage and alert data that the StreamLabs Monitor or Control collects is only viewable in the StreamLabs app, which is available for use on iOS and Android smart phones and tablets. Data can be also be accessed externally by third-party software through the StreamLabs API. The StreamLabs API can be accessed via Basic authentication with an API Key or with an OAuth 2.0 client, both with TLS 1.2 encryption. For more information on API access, please visit this link:

Can others access my data from a separate StreamLabs account?
Each StreamLabs device can only be paired to one StreamLabs account. That means that the only people who can access your water usage data are those who know your StreamLabs username and password, and are logged into the same account that the Monitor is paired to.  The StreamLabs Control and Monitor communicate to our servers with MQTT over a mutually authenticated TLS layer.  They also download firmware signed firmware updates over HTTPS.


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