How do I refresh my StreamLabs App?

You can refresh the data on any screen in your StreamLabs App by swiping down. As you swipe down, a spinning wheel should appear the top of the screen. When this wheel vanishes, the data will be refreshed. This is useful for getting the most up-to-date water usage data. Occasionally, when the data hasn't been refreshed in a little while, an error message will appear that will ask you to retry or reload the app. This is normal.

If you are having difficulty with your app, completely closing out of the app can help. 

On iOS devices, you can do this by double-pressing the home button on your device. When all of your apps appear, swipe upward or downward on the StreamLabs App window to close it completely. 

On Android devices, open up the task manager view that shows you all of your currently running apps. Swipe the StreamLabs App window to close out of it completely.


For information on what to do when your water usage data does not seem to be updating, please read here.


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