Will this device monitor my outdoor system (sprinklers, hoses, pools, etc.)?

The StreamLabs Monitor is capable of monitoring outdoor water usage (for example: your garden hose, sprinkler system, pool, etc.) depending on where the main water line branches inside your home.  The Monitor will report your outdoor water usage as long as the Monitor is installed on the main water line inside your home before any branch that supplies outdoor systems.  If the StreamLabs Monitor is installed after branch lines to outdoor plumbing, or if the outdoor system is supplied directly from a different water line than the one that comes in to your home, you will not be able to monitor those outdoor systems.  This same concept applies to any other outdoor plumbing as well. The StreamLabs Monitor can only monitor water lines that branch off of the main line after the location where the Monitor is installed. 

If you are still unsure if your outdoor plumbing will be seen by the Monitor, you can check with two easy steps. 1) After installing the Monitor, run water inside the home. If your app catches the usage, turn the water off. 2) Run the outdoor plumbing. If the Monitor catches the usage, you're good to go! Otherwise, the split either happened before the property or you are installed after the split in the home.



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