What is the difference between Home and Away mode?

The Home and Away modes are helpful features that provide you with an added layer of water security. On the app's home screen, you will see a toggle on your Monitor for Home or Away. 

Home: Select Home for the Monitor if you or someone else is currently at the location that the Monitor is installed. When Home is selected, the app will only send you leak alerts when your water usage is greater than the alert thresholds that you selected in the Monitor's settings. For example, if you set your Monitor to send an alert if it detects a flow of 0.5gpm or greater for longer than 20 minutes, you will receive a leak alert if these parameters are exceeded.

Away: Select Away for the Monitor if no one is currently at the location that the Monitor is installed. When the Monitor is set to Away mode, you will receive an alert if ANY water flow is detected. By selecting Away mode, you are telling the Monitor that no water should be running at all. The moment the Monitor detects water flow, it will send you an alert. This way, you are notified as soon as possible if a leak is occurring while you are not home. Note: We understand some homes have water softeners or ice makers that could run while you are away. Our away settings try to account for those by only notifying you if water has been running for 15 consecutive seconds or longer. 

Your Home and Away modes can also be managed by other compatible smart home devices such as Amazon Alexa and Nest Thermostat. When properly integrated with Amazon Alexa, you can switch between Home and Away mode with your voice. With Nest Home/Away Assist, your Monitor will be automatically placed into Home or Away mode based on your location.



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