App Suggestions: Meter (odometer-style), detailed history, ifttt)



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    Rachel Sanford

    Thank you for your feature suggestions! We have heard interest from several customers about your "odometer" feature. We will look into the technical feasibility of this feature and hopefully have an update for you on this front soon. 

    Good news - the ability to click on specific days and months in the past to see specific water usage data is coming in our next update. This has been our most requested feature so far and we are happy to provide it for our customers. Look for a Streamlabs app update within the next couple of weeks with this feature. We'll send an email when it becomes available. 

    If you're interested in exporting the data for days or months, you may be interested in our API - you can view our documentation at If you're interested in access to this API, please reach out to our support team at

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    Yes! Being able to export CVS data for days or months would be great.   Or, create a PC application to stream to.


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    Thanks for the update Grant, great news on being able to drill down.  This will increase the functionality if the app tremendously.


    Will be keeping an eye out for the water meter / odometer feature.  With those two features, this will be a must have device and app for my family!

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    Brad Anderson

    Great to hear that this product is seeing improvements!  Thanks.

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    Scott Widmann

    Any update on these added features? I don't see them in the app.

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