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    Rachel Sanford

    Thank you so much for your feature request!

    While an API that communicates directly with our devices is not something currently on our product roadmap, the demand for this service is increasing. We will continue to discuss it as we work to improve our products. If we continue to see increased demand for a direct device API, we will certainly look at adding it as a feature. 


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    AZ Newt

    Second the motion. 

    I am a member of the segment of the home-automation community who only uses devices that do not require any connectivity to the outside world. 

    Would be super cool if the device could come out of the box with support for MQTT.  Ya know, like a Roomba i7.

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    Mike Schaeffer

    Rachel... thanks for the note. If it's useful input to your internal discussions, I had another post with some questions and comments that speak to some of the specific concerns and reasons I have for wanting the device API.

    No idea the size of the market, but I have a suspicion that there are least a few people that would truly value the ability to directly integrate your product into locally hosted ("On Prem"). It might be a nice additional differentiator, as well as a signal of a more premium product.

    Either way, good luck! Wishing Streamlabs the best.

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    fred jones

    I would like to continue to advocate for this feature. While neither Mike (we don’t know each other) nor I can make any statement about the size of the market, it is true that a non-trivial part of the Home Assistant community -which includes me -don’t use products that need to connect to the web to work. The roomba is a good example. There are at least two implementations of home assistant interfaces to the roomba that allow it to work without being connected to the internet. Light bulbs, thermostats, sprinkler controllers, zwave and zigby hubs that must connect to a vendor site to work are just the tip of the product iceberg that we avoid because we don’t want to give access to our data and because we want to keep the internet attack surface to our houses as small as possible.

    Yours is an appealing product. Hope that our segment of the home automation market is as appealing to Stream Labs.

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    Rachel Sanford

    Thanks again for your feedback! As we continue to see demand for this type of API increase, we will consider adding it as a new feature. 

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