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    Grant Heffley

    There is no way to directly query the device to retrieve water consumption data. In order to access the data, you must use the cloud based servers. We do have a public API available that is currently in beta - if you are inerested, please visit the following address: 

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    Mike Schaeffer

    Thanks for the info. Several follow on questions:

    • 1) I occasionally lose internet access. Does the device have any provision for uploading water consumption data gathered during an internet outage, once network connectivity is restored?


    • 2) What kind of SLA do you provide for your web service? (Uptime, API call limits, latency of data gathering, etc.)


    • 3) What steps does your company take to ensure the privacy of water consmption data? (I'm concerned about this from a security point of view.... lower water consumption is a good way to detect an empty home.)


    • 4) What happens to the device if your company (or an acquirer, etc.) decides to discontinue the cloud service? Will it still be useful?

    I'm interested in buying two or three of these devices. A direct API makes it an easy sell. (I already have local control and monitoring software I've written running on site.)



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