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    Rachel Sanford

     Hello everyone,

    We're excited to announce the launch of our API Beta program! Head on over to our new Streamlabs API forum to join the discussion and learn more about what the API entails.

    Thank you all for your valuable feedback and ideas! The discussion in this thread was key in the development of our API program, and we are very excited to provide it for you!

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    Domnick Eger

    I second an public API

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    Yeah without an API the only use case of the device for me right now is leak detection, a public API would be great so we can integrate it with other services.

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    Domnick Eger

    I have a feeling a public API going to be a pain for them to release since they are using the AWS Security Token Service and the request will cost them over a long period of time if the customer tries to poll this after 60 seconds. I guess it back to the drawing board unless there a local interface page I can scrap for details. Really love the product and it a great idea but the lack of an API sucks :(

    -H ' Host: api.streamlabs.io'
    -H 'accept: application/json'
    -H 'content-type: application/json'
    -H 'x-amz-security-token: '
    -H 'accept-language: en-us'
    -H 'x-amz-date: 20180407T041809Z'
    -H 'utc-offset: -7'
    -H 'user-agent: aws-sdk-iOS/2.6.1 iOS/11.2.6 en_US'
    -H 'authorization: AWS4-HMAC-SHA256 Credential=, SignedHeaders=accept;content-type;host;user-agent;utc-offset;x-amz-date;x-amz-security-token, Signature=' --compressed 'https://api.streamlabs.io/v1/locations/$$$$$/trends'

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    Domnick Eger
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    Good point, alternatively maybe they can provide a callback option, which sends data from mobile app to your own server. It increase burden on user side but at least it won't cost them extra server traffic.

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    Alex S

    At least building an IFTTT connector might be a simpler alternative.

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    Michael Smith

    Oy.  Really, An API, or other ways to integrate this is so obviously needed.  The fact that it wasn't part of their plan is troublesome.  

    How about start with something really simple...  Send read-only stuff like consumption/flow rate every minute over udp to a local IP address.  Requires no authentication.  Expose more data, and maybe let us set home/away with websockets and a very simple auth like a key.  Again. fine for local use.  Then IFTTT and finally a real public REST API.  But do something.

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    Benoît P


    I'm really interested in an open REST API too !

    I want to integrate it to :

    - Home Assistant for better automation / alerting (MQTT integration would be great too in addition of the REST API)
    - InfluxDB + Grafana for good graphing

    If the API is local (ie. hosted on the device as we can find on many home bridges) it would be better for privacy, product life cycle, performances.


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    Brad Anderson


    I am on the fence for purchase of this device, looking into whats out there in water monitors, an open API (local to unit sounds great) would defiantly sell this unit for me. 

    It would be a shame to stop just short of greatness.




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    IoT is all about BIG Data and then combining, mashing that data to drive smart (even AI) automations... using your phone to control stuff is not smart... is is just another remote control....

    Break down the "walled gardens" give users access to their data.... 

    ...give me an API and I will start selling these as part of the (Global) Telco I work for's IoT product offering for which I am the product owner...

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