Addendum to Limited Warranty - StreamLabs® Monitor & Control

StreamLabs® Monitor & Control
This addendum to LIMITED WARRANTY (“ADDENDUM”) contains important information about your rights and obligations, as well as limitations and exclusions that may apply to you. This addendum supplements the StreamLabs® Monitor & Control Limited Warranty (“Limited Warranty”) provided to you by StreamLabs®.

Subject to the conditions herein, this Addendum expands the Limited Warranty on the StreamLabs® Monitor & Control (the “Product”) to offer the owner a reimbursement in the amount of owner’s insurance deductible (up to $2,500) if owner suffers property damage as a direct result from a water supply line leak (“Leak”) caused by defects in materials and workmanship of the Product within one (1) year from the original retail purchase date (the “Reimbursement Period”). Proof of purchase is required to validate the Reimbursement Period. If proof of purchase is not available, the Reimbursement Period commencement shall default to the date of manufacture of the Product.

If, after inspection, we find that the Product covered by the Limited Warranty has failed due to a defect in
materials or workmanship causing property damage as a direct result from a Leak during the Reimbursement Period, StreamLabs will, in addition to StreamLabs’ obligation to either (a) repair or
replace the defective Product or component; or (b) accept the return of the Product and refund the money paid by the original purchaser for the Product under the Limited Warranty, reimburse owner the insurance policy deductible actually applied or assessed to owner in connection with such property
damage loss (up to $2,500).

Before making a claim for deductible reimbursement under this Addendum, the owner of the Product must (a) notify StreamLabs of the intention to make a claim by visiting during the Reimbursement Period and providing a description of the alleged failure, the Leak and the
damage, and (b) comply with the terms of the Limited Warranty. StreamLabs will have no deductible reimbursement obligations with respect to a returned Product if it determines, in its reasonable discretion after examination of the Product, that the Product is an Ineligible Product.

An owner will qualify for deductible reimbursement if all of the following conditions are satisfied:
• The owner must have purchased the Product new (cannot be demo or trial unit);
• The Leak must have occurred during the Reimbursement Period;
• The Product must be installed in the United States;
• The owner must have properly installed and calibrated the Product;
• The owner must have the StreamLabs mobile app installed and set to receive notifications;
• The StreamLabs Control Leak Alerts must be set to “On” for both Notify and to Automatically shut off the water;
• The Product must be installed, online, with power, and calibrated at time of the Leak;
• The deductible reimbursement cannot be used for commercial, rental, or income generating properties;
• The Leak that caused the damage must have occurred after the location where the Product is installed;
• The owner must provide a copy of the report from the insurance company and the Serial Number for the Product; and
• The maximum deductible reimbursement is $2,500 and reimbursement of any amount can only be used one time per property location.


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