Works with Google Assistant®

Your StreamLabs device is now compatible with Google Assistant®! To connect your StreamLabs account to your Google Assistant®, please use the following steps. Note that you will need to make the initial connection using an Android device.

 Say: “Hey Google, talk to StreamLabs Water.”

Google will respond: “Before you can use StreamLabs Water, I need to link your StreamLabs Water account to Google. Is that okay?”

Say: “Okay Google, yes.” (or select “Yes” on your screen)

Your screen will then prompt you to login to your StreamLabs account.

You can also use the following link to connect with StreamLabs Water via the Google Assistant® App using an iOS device: 

Once you have logged in, you can use any of the following commands to interact with your StreamLabs device:

To put your device in Away Mode, you can say:

  • “Put [location name] in Away Mode.”
  • “I’m going away.”
  • “I’m leaving.”
  • “Away Mode.”

To put your device in Home Mode, you can say:

  • “I’m home at [location name].”
  • “I’m back.”
  • “I’m home.”
  • “Put [location name] in home mode.” 

To ask about water usage, you can say:

  • “How much water did I use X days ago?”
  • “How much water have I used this week?”
  • “How much water did I use yesterday?”

To ask if water is running, you can say:

  • “Water running.”
  • “Is water running?”

To ask about Leak Alert settings, you can say:

  • “What are my leak settings?”
  • “What are my leak detection settings?”
  • “What are my settings?”



To close the valve in the Control, you can say:

  • “Stop the water.”
  • “Turn off the water.”
  • “Close the valve.”
  • Any of the above + “at [location name].”

To open the valve in the Control, you can say:

  • “Open the valve.”
  • “Turn on the water.”
  • “Start the water”
  • Any of the above + “at [location name].”


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