Works with Nest®

The Streamlabs SmartHome Water Monitor is always listening for leaks no matter where you are. When you connect Streamlabs with Nest®, Nest Home/Away Assist will notify your Monitor when you're Home or Away, adjusting your leak detection sensitivity as you come and go. With Nest and Streamlabs working together, you'll no longer experience the hassle of manual adjustments, while still receiving the benefit of important leak alerts. Track your water and stay in control, no matter where you are or how many properties you own, by connecting each Streamlabs Monitor with each Nest Home. 

Connecting Streamlabs and Nest

Connecting your Streamlabs Monitor to Nest is easy.

1. In your Streamlabs app, select the Menu icon on the left side of the screen, then select Smart Home.

2. Select Nest from the list, then select Link to Nest. You will need to enter your Nest account username and password in order to link it to your Streamlabs account. 

3. Once you've given Streamlabs permissions to work with Nest, you will need to set up your first connection.  A connection is when you connect a Streamlabs home to a Nest home. The app will ask you which Streamlabs Home you would like to connect to your Nest Home. Each individual Streamlabs Home can only be connected to one Nest Home.

4. A screen will appear indicating whether or not your connection was successful. Repeat this process for each Streamlabs Home that you want to connect to a Nest home. 

You can unlink your Nest account at any time by selecting "Unlink Nest" at the bottom of the Nest page in the Smart Home section of the Streamlabs app. This will remove all Nest connections and unlink your Nest account.


Review how Nest determines when you're Home or Away. When configuring Nest Home/Away Assist settings in the Nest app, you can select how Nest determines whether you're home or away. If your Nest Thermostat is not in a heavily-trafficked location in your home, consider setting your Nest to determine your Home/Away status based on your phone's location. This way, you will not receive false leak alerts from your Streamlabs Monitor for normal usage when you're home. Learn more about Home/Away Assist here.

How quickly does Streamlabs sync with Nest? When manually changing between Home and Away mode in the Streamlabs app, your connected Nest home will change immediately. However, if you change your Home/Away mode in the Nest app, it may take up to 5 minutes for the change to take place in your Streamlabs app. 

Set up a Nest family account: Should you decide to configure Nest to determine your home/away mode based on your phone's location, consider having each member of your household download the Nest app on their phone and set up a Nest family account.  This will prevent you from receiving leak alerts when you are away but your family is home. Learn more about Family accounts and inviting people to access your Nest home.


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